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April 4, 2011

Getting to know Android

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In hopes of resurrecting my programming projects, i’m planning on digging to Android world. For Visual Studio developer the sight of Eclipse is something out of this world but we will see… Maybe tomorrow i can get a peek in all this if all Android SDK pieces manage to install sometime during the night.


November 17, 2009

Bit progress, trying out normal maps

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May 23, 2009

Doing something again…

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Finally decided to work with my raytracer again. Added environmental cubemapping, which seems to be working great. Simple effect, but gives alot to image atmosphere. Simple test render will follow soon. Thinking about implementing some kind of atmospheric model next (Scattering), but have to do lot of research for that.



Few spheres with gloss triplane and cubemap sky

Few spheres with gloss triplane and cubemap sky


Refraction & Gloss reflection with cubemap

February 28, 2009

Few test renders

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Stanford dragon

Stanford dragon

Million spheres

Million spheres

Few test renders from my current raytracer. First one is classical stanford dragon and the second one is just a space partitioning test for BIH acceleration. The dragon took ~19h to render at 1920×1080 with all those reflections and the sphere cube something like 30 to 60 seconds.

Current raytracer is fully written in C# and supports sphere and triangle primitives (used to support planes, cubes etc… but i removed those as quite useless).

Shading at the moment is basic phong with reflections (+diffuse reflections), refractiong and crappy texturing. 

Antialiasing can be done ath edges only or full awfully slow 16x supersampling. I’m currently investigating how adaptive antialiasing is supposed to work.

It’s currently accelerated by BIH structure but i’m currently trying to build a decent kdtree structure.

At this moment todo list contains at least following items:

  • Kdtree
  • Adaptive antialiasing
  • Global  illumination (could take a while…)
  • Maybe move from MS CLR to MONO to get even possibility to use SIMD instructions. (Or buy more hardware or maybe MS adds some simd functionality in next 10 years…)


As  this whole thing is just a hobby for me to pass time, I usually work with it when i got the inspiration.


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Hi, i’m a guy from Vaasa Finland and this blog is all about my programming projects as i needed some place to showcase my stuff. Subjects will propably be ranging from raytracing to whatever i’ve decided to waste time this time.

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